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Pleasant Valley Farm

Our Farm

A Family Agriculture Experience

Our family moved to Pleasant Valley Farm in 2021. The 300 acre property that backs onto Lake Kagawong, used to boast one of Manitoulin's larger operational Dairy Farms. The dairy barn, parlour and milk house are still part of the farm today. Unfortunately, the dairy portion of the operations were sold and the Dairy ceased on the farm. Our family has decided to bring the farm back to life with our main focus on Beef Cattle, and our Education and Agriculture tourist location.

 Our families combined backgrounds in both Agriculture and Education creates a perfect combination for Pleasant Valley Farm to operate in this capacity. We have a passion for Educating others, especially children, as well as all aspects of farm life including animal husbandry, planting and harvesting, cattle and animals of all kinds. Lastly, we enjoy knowing our farm and knowing our food. We raise happy and healthy animals that produce products that we feel good about consuming.


Our Farm Values

At Pleasant Valley Farm we have some core values that we believe in implementing into our life here. Animal husbandry requires a lot of time, patience and hard work. Our animals are treated as well as possible while living at Pleasant Valley. We provide all of our animals a comfortable, happy and healthy life. We believe in teaching our children and those around us the importance of treating animals well. Animals that are treated well, treat us well.

We believe in creating food that is grown in the most natural way possible. Our animals are given fully nutritional, natural diets that not only keep them healthy but create products that are healthy for human consumption, as well as delicious! All of our animals are given pasture time, even our chickens have rotating chicken tractors that provide fresh grass. Crops are grown with natural fertilizers and fed throughout the entire year to our animals to ensure balanced diets. Our smaller animals are provided the same crops as our larger animals, as well as feed that is mixed in mills of natural ingredients such as corn, wheat, peas, alfalfa etc. 

We have started producing our own fruits and vegetables including our mini orchard, to enjoy as many of our home grown foods as possible. We also take advantage of many other producers on Manitoulin Island. 

Our family also holds history and our past near our hearts. We believe in knowing the best farm practices that are used year to year, as well as knowing how the small and large farm chores were completed. We collect and preserve agriculture related historical items as a reminder of where we came from.

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